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What is Eclaimer?

Eclaimer is a Java based application that has been created to aid in the Lenovo warranty process that is handled by organizations who participate in a laptop distrbution program. Eclaimer allows for a user-friendly way to create batch claims, create claim sheets, and manage part records/history of laptops. No longer is it necessary to manually construct .CSV batch files and handle paper based claim sheets for keeping records, this inturn insures a reliable method to manage the entire warranty process from start to finish.

Key Features

- Create claim sheets to have a detailed record of all the warranty parts ordered and a repair history of each individual laptop. All this information is stored on a database.

- Easily create/edit .CSV batch files. Using the GUI you can quickly and effortlessly create a correctly formatted .CSV batch file for submission to Lenovo, either using the eclaim manager or by claiming un-eclimed from previously constructed claim sheets.

- A simple to use laptop management system is built into it as well, this allows for the user to add new laptops or parts that will be supported in the warranty process.


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